The Spectres

The Spectres were a psychobilly/rockabilly/rocknroll band from Seattle, Washington, USA. They were together from 1996 to 2003. In that time they put out three full-length CDs, two non-album singles, and appeared on numerous soundtracks and compilations. They toured a couple times, played the odd festival, and drank a lot of beer. They shared stages with Nekromantix, Tiger Army, Batmobile, The Quakes, The Amazing Royal Crowns, Demented Are Go, Big John Bates, and hundreds more. Some people liked 'em, some people didn't—but they had fun, and never really cared too much what the cool kids thought. The Spectres are dead and gone, but like good zombies they've been known to rise from the grave for the occasional show.

The Spectres were: Jesse on guitar and vocals, Austin on upright bass, J.R. on drums.

Their CDs are hard to find these days... you might try Amazon, eBay, or if you don't mind ordering from Europe, Crazy Love Records. You can also download some of their stuff from CD Baby, iTunes, and other purveyors of online music.

  • The Great Erotic Zombie ShakedownCrazy Love Records, 2003 — buy it on iTunes!
  • Blood Sweat & NitroCrazy Love Records, 2000 — buy it on CD Baby or iTunes!
  • Rubber Room RockMy Checkbook Records, 1998

Jesse currently plays guitar and sings for The Wages of Sin. Austin currently plays bass for The Bad Things.